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Your Strategic Partner in Procurement Excellence

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Global Link Law’s procurement consultancy services are designed to elevate your procurement processes and optimize legal strategies. As your dedicated Procurement Lawyer Advisor™, this subscription-based service offers a comprehensive suite of benefits, ensuring you have the legal support needed to navigate the complexities of procurement seamlessly.

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Who is it For?

Global Link Law’s Procurement Legal Advisory Services are tailor-made for organizations seeking to enhance their procurement processes with strategic legal support. Our procurement consultant services are ideal for:

• Procurement Departments: Streamline your procurement strategies with dedicated legal guidance to ensure compliance and mitigate risks effectively.

• Legal Departments: Empower your legal team with specialized procurement expertise, fostering collaboration for seamless integration into your operations.

• Law Firms: Navigate the complexities of procurement with confidence, backed by a senior procurement attorney providing invaluable insights and support.

Key Features

• Monthly Access to Senior Procurement Attorney: Gain invaluable insights with monthly access to a senior procurement consultant or attorney who serves as your dedicated advisor. Leverage their expertise to make informed decisions and address legal challenges proactively.

• Weekly Office Hours Call: Foster direct communication and collaboration through weekly office hours calls. This dedicated time allows you to discuss pressing issues, seek guidance, and receive real-time legal advice.

• Small Team Advisory Sessions: Up to four advisory sessions per month provide an opportunity for in-depth discussions with your legal advisor. Address team-specific challenges, explore procurement strategies, and receive personalized legal guidance.

• Procurement Contract Reviews: Ensure the strength and compliance of your contracts with up to four reviews per month (10 page limit per review). Focus on critical terms and contract clauses ensuring  your agreements align with best practices.

• New Vendor Legal Questions: Obtain rapid answers to new vendor-related legal questions (up to 4 each month). Whether you’re onboarding a new partner or clarifying contractual terms, our Procurement Lawyer Advisor is here to provide clarity and guidance.

• Weekly Client-Attorney Scope of Work Exchange: Facilitate seamless collaboration through a weekly exchange of client-attorney scope of work. Ensure alignment on objectives, timelines, and deliverables, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

• Access to Lawriocity™ Micro Training Videos: Empower your team with access to Lawriocity’s proprietary platform, featuring 10 micro training videos. Enhance your team’s legal understanding, streamline processes, and foster self-sufficiency in routine legal matters.

• Discount on Non-Covered Services: Enjoy exclusive benefits with a discount on services beyond the covered scope. Maximize cost-effectiveness while accessing additional legal support tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose Global Link Law for Procurement Legal Advisory Services?


• Strategic Partnership: Our procurement consultancy services establish a strategic partnership, aligning legal support with your procurement objectives for holistic success.

• Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of a senior procurement consultant or attorney, ensuring you receive nuanced guidance tailored to the intricacies of procurement law.

• Enhanced Communication: Weekly office hours calls and advisory sessions foster direct communication, allowing for timely discussions and proactive legal solutions.

• Agile Contract Reviews: Keep your contracts robust and compliant with frequent reviews, focusing on key terms that impact your risk profile and contractual relationships.

• Collaborative Exchange: Weekly scope of work exchanges enhance collaboration, ensuring clear communication on priorities, timelines, and expectations.

• Empowering Training: Access Lawriocity™ micro training videos to empower your team with legal knowledge, fostering self-sufficiency and efficiency in routine legal matters.

• Cost-Effective Solutions: Enjoy a discount on non-covered services, maximizing the cost-effectiveness of your legal support while maintaining flexibility.

Global Link Law’s procurement legal advisory services are tailored to meet the unique challenges of modern procurement. Elevate your procurement processes, mitigate risks, and foster legal excellence with a strategic legal partner by your side.

Additional Services

Explore Tailored Procurement Solutions with Global Link Law

Ready to explore how Global Link Law can transform your healthcare technology transactions? Empower your journey with Global Link Law, where expertise and innovation converge in tailored legal solutions. From subscription model procurement counsel to consulting on cross-border transactions, we're your strategic ally. Our goal is to understand your needs and provide tailored solutions that propel your business forward.

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