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We Offer Different Services

At Global Link Law, our suite of professional services is crafted to empower your business, ensuring seamless navigation through complex legal and business landscapes. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with decades of industry expertise, positions us as your strategic partner in achieving success. We offer a wide range of expertise, including subscription model procurement counsel, consulting on commercial contracts for European healthcare tech startups, negotiating and advising on commercial transactions, and more.

How We Help

At Global Link Law, we’re here to propel your success with a range of personalized solutions. For digital health startups, we bring expertise in legal support,  subscription model procurement counsel designed to meet the evolving needs of legal departments and procurement teams, and cross-border transactions. We also streamline processes and provide strategic consultancy for Legal and Procurement Departments. In the realms of Insurance, Health Plans, Health Data, and Pharmacy Services, our innovative legal solutions offer distinctive strategic guidance. As a reliable ally for Technology Vendors and Service Providers, we seamlessly merge legal intricacies with innovation for a smooth sales process. We empower companies and serve as trusted advisors, optimizing investments amidst regulatory complexities. Our comprehensive approach ensures excellence in procurement, legal, and strategic initiatives.

Our innovative subscription model procurement counsel is designed to meet the evolving needs of legal departments and procurement teams. We offer proactive legal guidance, playbooks, and negotiation support on an ongoing basis. This ensures that you have a dedicated legal partner ready to address challenges, streamline processes, and optimize your procurement operations. With tiered subscription options, you choose the level of support that aligns with your specific requirements and budget.


The Perfect Plan For You

Health Tech Expander

The Health Tech Expander accelerates the US market entry for Health Tech Companies, providing seasoned attorneys with global in-house counsel expertise. Tailored for Fortune 500 dealings, we expedite sales cycles, strategize expansion, and streamline contracting, addressing ethical concerns and maintaining compliance with U.S. Law. The Health Tech Expander is Ideal for navigating complex procurement processes and expanding product reach.

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Procurement Lawyer Advisor

The Procurement Lawyer Advisor optimizes procurement cost-effectiveness, offering innovative solutions to manage third-party risk. Our expert approach aligns with organizational growth objectives, efficiently addressing the surge in procurement legal needs. Upfront legal expertise mitigates risks, expediting the procurement process for companies facing resource challenges.

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Procurement Trainer

The Procurement Trainer offers monthly access to an experienced Procurement Attorney, delivering tailored, interactive training for Procurement, Legal, and Law Firms. A cost-effective alternative to traditional legal services, this external expertise enhances team capabilities, improving efficiency, saving time and money, and optimizing outcomes.

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Additional Services

Explore Tailored Procurement Solutions with Global Link Law

Ready to explore how Global Link Law can transform your healthcare technology transactions? Empower your journey with Global Link Law, where expertise and innovation converge in tailored legal solutions. From subscription model procurement counsel to consulting on cross-border transactions, we're your strategic ally. Our goal is to understand your needs and provide tailored solutions that propel your business forward.

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