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What Does Global Link Law Do?

by Global Link Law
Jan 27, 2024
global link law

Global Link Law, under the leadership of seasoned attorney Robyn D. Marino, stands as a beacon of expertise, innovation, and client-focused legal services. In a rapidly evolving global business environment, we excel in navigating the complexities of the modern legal landscape, catering to the distinct needs of health tech startups and procurement departments. Our mission is to make the global world of health tech more intimate and accessible by bridging the gap between digital solution providers and technology purchasers.

Read on to learn more about what defines Global Link Law’s purpose, Robyn’s extensive experience, and more.

Global Link Law’s Purpose

At the heart of Global Link Law’s mission is the commitment to empower businesses through specialized legal services. The firm serves as a strategic partner, offering tailored solutions that extend beyond conventional legal support. With a specialized focus on digital applications, tools, and the intricate landscape of cross-border transactions, Global Link Law provides health tech startups and procurement departments with a unique blend of legal expertise and forward-thinking solutions.

Our purpose is to be a transformative force for businesses, leveraging over 20 years of expertise and experience to navigate the complexities of global markets. Serving as a strategic partner, we specialize in streamlining processes and expediting market entry into the US and Canadian markets. Our focus is to streamline processes and provide strategic consultancy for legal and Procurement departments. In the realms of Insurance, Health Plans, Health Data, and Pharmacy Services, our innovative legal solutions offer distinctive strategic guidance.

Robyn D. Marino’s Expertise

Robyn D. Marino, the driving force behind Global Link Law, is a legal powerhouse with over two decades of experience. Formerly the Head of Procurement Legal for a Fortune 15 company, Robyn has a proven track record of negotiating deals totaling billions of dollars. Her specialization in healthcare data licensing and technology deals is what sets her apart, providing clients with unparalleled insight and expertise.

Robyn’s leadership at Global Link Law goes beyond traditional consultancy. With hands-on experience in negotiating and advising on cross-border transactions, she brings a practical understanding of the challenges faced by businesses operating in highly regulated industries. Her innovative and client-centric approach is a testament to the firm’s commitment to delivering results and guiding clients through the complex legal landscape.

In 2023, Robyn achieved remarkable success in negotiating and supporting deals totaling $3 billion. Her impact extended across 165 million customer relationships spanning 30 countries. Specializing in technology and data licensing for healthcare, insurance, and pharmacy, Robyn pioneered data-driven solutions, negotiating deals averaging $500 million annually in both the U.S. and cross-border transactions. With expertise in diverse areas such as outsourcing, robotics, automated intelligence, and human resources, Robyn prioritized third-party risk mitigation. 

Before founding Global Link Law, she held the position of Head of Procurement Legal at The Cigna Group (NYSE: CI), overseeing contracts globally and expanding the reach of the Procurement Legal function. Robyn’s extensive experience includes roles at prestigious law firms, where she honed her legal expertise.

Global Link Law’s Client Profile

Global Link Law caters to a diverse client base, with a primary focus on European healthcare tech startups, procurement departments, insurtech, pharmacy services, and legal entities seeking efficient, knowledgeable, and affordable solutions. Our innovative platform delivers not only advisory and consulting services but also educational resources, courses, and videos. Our approach is designed to make clients’ jobs easier and equip them for success in the dynamic world of healthcare technology.

Our client profile extends to digital solution providers and technology purchasers in the realm of healthcare technology. Global Link Law bridges the gap between legalities and innovation. Our goal is to create a seamless pathway for growth, collaboration, and success in the global business landscape.

Global Perspective

Understanding the importance of a global perspective, Global Link Law connects international markets. We facilitate opportunities for digital solution providers and technology purchasers in the USA, ensuring a comprehensive and globally informed approach. This commitment to understanding diverse international markets is embedded in the firm’s services, providing clients with a strategic advantage in the global arena.

The Robyn D. Marino Difference

Robyn D. Marino’s leadership is a key differentiator for Global Link Law. Unlike larger law firms, the personalized approach and focused expertise offered by Robyn ensure that clients receive not just legal services but comprehensive solutions. Her experience in negotiating deals, combined with a hands-on approach, sets a standard for excellence in legal consultancy.


Global Link Law: A Strategic Ally

Global Link Law sets itself apart through a commitment to innovation in legal services. 

We’re not just a legal service provider but a strategic ally for businesses navigating the complexities of procurement, cross-border transactions, and the evolving landscape of healthcare technology. Robyn D. Marino’s leadership, coupled with the firm’s commitment to innovation, client-centric solutions, and a global perspective, positions Global Link Law as a go-to partner for those seeking excellence in legal and consulting services. Global Link Law is poised to redefine the legal landscape and empower businesses on a global scale. 

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