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Health Tech Companies

We help companies looking to expand into different geographical markets, bridging legal complexities with innovative solutions for a seamless contract process.

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Buyers of Digital Solutions

Global Link Law is a strategic ally for departments with procurement needs seeking consulting on best commercial practices or navigating complex transactions.

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Global World Made Small

At Global Link Law, we bring 20 years of legal expertise navigating the complex world of procurement, technology, compliance, data and cross-border transactions to help expedite processes for digital solution providers and buyers. We utilize best practices to help shape the global landscape into a smaller, more connected space.

John Murabito - Chief Administrative Officer, Retired

The Cigna Group

Robyn was critical to the successful execution of dozens of contracts and deals that enabled our HR to deliver innovative solutions to significant challenges. She applied her legal knowledge and strong grasp of the business to ensure favorable, compliant, smart and flexible terms.

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Robyn D. Marino, Esquire

Leading with Experience

Robyn D. Marino shares a wealth of experience with her clients. Formerly Head of Procurement Legal for a Fortune 15 company, Robyn has negotiated deals totaling $3 billion in 2023 alone. Specializing in technology and data licensing for healthcare, insurance, and pharmacy, Robyn paves the way for data driven solutions. Beyond advisory, she leads with hands-on experience, ensuring your deals are in capable hands. Her expertise extends to consulting, innovation, contract advisory, and training. With Robyn at the helm, Global Link Law stands as a beacon of experience, offering comprehensive legal solutions that go beyond traditional consultancy. Learn more about us.



Who We Serve and How

Global Link Law caters to health tech companies, insurance companies, pharmacies, procurement and legal departments, and legal entities with procurement needs, seeking efficient, knowledgeable, and affordable solutions. Our innovative platform delivers not only advisory and consulting services but also educational resources and videos and live training sessions to make your job easier. We’re here to help – let’s collaborate for success. Learn more about us.

The Perfect Plan For You

Health Tech Expander™

The Health Tech Expander supports US market entry for Health Tech, providing seasoned attorneys with global in-house counsel expertise. Tailored for Fortune 500 dealings, we advise on compliance with U.S. law, supporting a strategy of expansion with expedited sales cycles, through streamline contracting. The Health Tech Expander is Ideal for navigating complex procurement processes and expanding product reach.

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Procurement Lawyer Advisor™

The Procurement Lawyer Advisor optimizes procurement cost-effectiveness, offering innovative solutions to manage third-party risk. Our expert approach aligns with organizational growth objectives, efficiently addressing the surge in procurement legal needs. Upfront legal expertise mitigates risks, expediting the procurement process for companies facing resource challenges.

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Procurement Trainer™

The Procurement Trainer offers monthly access to an experienced Procurement Attorney, delivering tailored, interactive training for Procurement, Legal, and Law Firms. A cost-effective alternative to traditional legal services, this external expertise enhances team capabilities, improving efficiency, saving time and money, and optimizing outcomes.

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educate with lawriocity

Educate With Lawriocity™

Lawriocity™, Global Link Law’s innovative training platform, empowers legal proficiency with concise tutorials, whitepapers, templates, and micro-videos. Reduce reliance on your legal team, gaining independence in editing agreements. Available standalone or bundled, Lawriocity™ offers an exclusive journey into legal insights, shaping an unparalleled user experience in the realm of procurement law.

Case Study: Quallent Pharmaceuticals

In 2021, Quallent Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of The Cigna Group, emerged as a response to the critical need for improved pharmaceutical supply chains. This innovative company set out to revolutionize the distribution of safe, affordable, and high-quality medications. The pharmaceutical industry faces complex challenges, including ensuring consistent quality and managing efficient logistics. Quallent’s goal was to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of medications.

Case Study: Cigna International Markets

During the COVID-19 crisis, India’s healthcare system faced unprecedented challenges, marked by soaring infection rates and a high death toll. This scenario presented complex legal and operational challenges, especially for U.S. multinational corporations with large employee bases in India, struggling to access overwhelmed medical services. Cigna International Markets, a division of The Cigna Group, confronted the legal complexities of delivering healthcare in a crisis.


John Murabito

Chief Administrative Officer, Retired - The Cigna Group

Robyn was critical to the successful execution of dozens of contracts and deals that enabled our HR function to deliver innovative solutions to significant business challenges. She applied her legal knowledge and strong grasp of the business to ensure we always enjoyed favorable, compliant, smart and flexible terms. Robyn’s expertise was not only sought, but required, before we agreed to any contract of importance. She was an important and needed partner to my HR function.

Mitchell Vuernick

Senior Director - Aviation

I have had the pleasure of working with Robyn Marino, ESQ for the past 10 years under various circumstances. In typical Fortune companies, attorneys are assigned the next task in line as compared to remaining with the same client (department).

My first interaction with Ms. Marino was in regard to a real estate lease renewal. As we began to work together, I was impressed with her detailed knowledge of contract law, protections for the client, penchant for details and dedication to the task. All too often in large companies, priorities shift, and processes get dropped down on the priority list. Ms. Marino maintained focus on the tasks and completed her due diligence in an expedited manner.

Based on this first project she became our “go-to” person for all legal matters regardless of her area of expertise. As an aviation department within a large corporation, our needs are specialized, highly sensitive and contain financial risk. Every time we worked together, Ms. Marino met the challenge by asking questions and educating herself on the nuances of this specificity of the project.

Our last project together culminated in the purchase of a ultra-long-range corporate aircraft. The multimillion-dollar transaction progressed flawlessly as Ms. Marino shepherded it to close.

Every transaction we encountered with Ms. Marino in our corner was a success for our department.

Alicia Kennedy

I had the sincere privilege of working with Robyn on several strategic vendor transactions while at Cigna. Robyn navigated the dynamic and often complex landscape of global health services with straightforwardness and a high degree of professionalism.

Robyn approached each transaction with curiosity, a sincere willingness to understand the business need, and a commitment to quality outcomes. She has a keen ability to navigate intricate contractual agreements, negotiate terms that favor the organization, and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Robyn was an invaluable asset to Cigna’s procurement department and I’m grateful for the positive impact she had on our operations. 

Robyn is a reliable and trustworthy colleague and I learned so much from working alongside her. I enthusiastically endorse Robyn as a legal professional and partner of the highest caliber.

Bart Jordens

Consultant and Advisor

I had the pleasure of working closely with Robyn for many years on complex contract negotiations in the health tech and insurtech sector. Her exceptional legal expertise, combined with a diplomatic and approachable demeanor, made every collaboration a productive experience. Robyn’s willingness to patiently explain intricate legal details ensured a thorough understanding, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

Jim Kucharczyk

Managing Director, IT Global Procurement & Supplier Management

I worked with Robyn for more than 10 years at Cigna and was very sorry to see her leave.  She is a highly capable and thorough attorney, ferocious in her defense of our company’s rights and insightful into potential risks and pitfalls.  I would look forward to working with her again on my side of the table and would dread seeing her on the other side.

Explore Tailored Procurement Solutions with Global Link Law

Ready to explore how Global Link Law can transform your healthcare technology transactions? Empower your journey with Global Link Law, where expertise and innovation converge in tailored legal solutions. From subscription model procurement counsel to consulting on cross-border transactions, we're your strategic ally. Our goal is to understand your needs and provide tailored solutions that propel your business forward.

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