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Case Study: Cigna International Markets

by Global Link Law
Dec 27, 2023

Cigna International Markets – Expansion of Telehealth during Global Pandemic


During the COVID-19 crisis, India’s healthcare system faced unprecedented challenges, marked by soaring infection rates and a high death toll. This scenario presented complex legal and operational challenges, especially for U.S. multinational corporations with large employee bases in India, struggling to access overwhelmed medical services. Cigna International Markets, a division of The Cigna Group, confronted the legal complexities of delivering healthcare in a crisis. They successfully navigated international healthcare regulations to provide timely medical support in a context where traditional healthcare systems were strained.


To address this crisis legally and effectively, Cigna International Markets partnered with Teladoc, a global telehealth provider. This alliance was structured to quickly mobilize local and international legal and healthcare resources. Cigna and its legal team efficiently navigated the legal frameworks to activate their resources within 24 hours, demonstrating exceptional crisis management skills. Implementing telehealth services required compliance with various international and local healthcare laws, particularly in a country where such services had not previously been provided. The partnership navigated legal complexities to provide access to essential medical services to hundreds of thousands, particularly U.S. multinational corporation employees in India.


The collaboration between Cigna International Markets and Teladoc stands as a testament to the effective legal handling of a healthcare crisis. By delivering telehealth solutions within a complex legal framework, they played a pivotal role in simplifying access to healthcare and saving lives during the pandemic in India. This case study highlights the critical importance of legal agility and partnership in navigating the multifaceted challenges of a global health emergency.

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